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Madhyasth Darshan [existence based human focused contemplation], or 'Coexistentialism' is a new development in human understanding. It has come about via original existential exploratory-research by A Nagraj of Amarkantak, India and has no connection with past ideologies and beliefs. It proposes on reality, existence and the nature of the human being, covering all aspects of human understanding and living. It is being presented here as an 'Alternative' to Materialism and Idealism (Spiritualism, Pantheism, Super-Naturalism) for evaluation and study by mankind. It has solutions to humankind's questions & problems.

Driven by an intense enquiry to know the nature of existence and human purpose in it, A Nagraj spent 20 years performing sadhana* according to the scriptures in Indian Vedic thought. Even after achieving the state of 'samadhi', in accordance with the principles described in the Patanjali Yog Sutra, he did not find answers to his questions, "complete knowledge" did not happen in Samadhi. Thereafter he performed sadhana of the ninth stage (sanyam) of the Yog Sutra while improvising it by reversing its steps. (*sadhana= intense meditative practice, literally means 'to tame'; samadhi= penultimate state of meditation according to Indian Vedic thought in which the 'unknown' is said to become 'known'; sanyam= a yogic state beyond samadhi)

As a result, he had 'realization' of entire existence (all that exists) ; he found answers to all questions related to the Human being and Existence. He realized/experienced that existence itself is coexistence, as 'units saturated in all-pervasive Space'; orderliness and Harmony is innate to Existence. The Human being alone creates problems due to his ignorance and delusion. This entire period was from 1950 to 1975 and performed in the then dense forests of Amarkantak. He has presented this understanding in the Hindi Language in the form of a new 'Darsana' called Madhyasth Darshan - Sah-Astitw-vaad or 'Realistic-view of Mediation ; Coexistentialism' in the Hindi Language published by him at his own expense as a set of 13 books.

This proposal dispels all mysteriousness by providing answers to all questions regarding the nature of Reality & Existence, the Cosmic order, the Conscious unit (Self, or I, given the name 'jeevan') & Consciousness, the nature of the Human-being & Existential purpose of the Human being. It identifies and defines Universal Humane Conduct, Innate-nature of Humanness, Universal Human Values and Universal Human Religion. It proposes on Universal Knowledge, Wisdom & Science, and provides a Universal alternative to prevalent Education, Human-conduct, Constitutions of Nation-states & Human-systems, including Human Culture, Civility & Norms of living leading to an Undivided Human Society and Universal Orderliness: wherein humankind can live in balance with the rest of the nature. It has an answer to every How? and Why? These answers are not imaginative and idealistic, but an outcome of direct-realization & understanding of Reality, as-it-is.

The fundamental postulation is that humans on this planet have so far lived in an undeveloped state of consciousness called 'animal-consciousness', due to which their cognition/understanding of themselves, of reality/existence and human purpose: human relationships, society, etc is incomplete and delusionary. The fundamental need of the human being is knowledge, as a result of which the human is 'awakened' and lives in 'developed-consciousness' as human-consciousness, godly-consciousness and divine-consciousness. Existence is stable, and progress and awakening (of the human) are definite. In sum: all of mans questions can be answered, and what we ultimately want: happiness & peace across the individual, family, society, state and inter-nation can be had. The Reality is that Man is not in contradiction with Nature, with Existence.

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